Sunday, June 29, 2008

It was the first real day of summer weather, so...

I decided to jump out of a perfectly good plane for FUN!
Check out my adventure here!

It was a somewhat spur of the moment decision. Pk and his friend were going - a birthday gift from his friend. Initially I was just going to go for the drive and to take some photos of pk's landing. The morning of, I decided to just join in fully as it's always been on my "bucket list".

The drive there was an adventure in itself. What was supposed to be an hour drive out to the Abbotsford drop zone turned into a 4 hr trip when we got stuck on the hwy behind an accident. There was a part where the cars infront stopped suddenly and we had to break pretty hard. Fortunately for us, pk's not a tailgater so we had lots of room to slow down, and the car behind us did too. The car behind us wasn't so lucky, as the tailgater behind them didn't have enough time to react and after a screech of tires, I saw a red bumper fly into the air from my view in the side mirror. whewww!

After a short stop and an impromptu detour, we finally arrived in Abbotsford where Skydive Vancouver operates. Once we signed up, we got a quick intro and safety talk and we were in our jumpsuits and heading for the plane (a 10 pax Pilatus Porter).

I think the spur of the moment decision and efficiency of Skydive Vancouver didn't give me time to get nervous at all about jumping and free falling from 12,500 ft. I was so excited, there was no room for the jitters. My tandem instructor was really cool and when we jumped from the plane we free fell for about 40 seconds, he made sure that I looked at the camera (third party jumper) and had a good time. Once the parachute opened (thank goodness!) we went for some good spins.
The best part for me was when he'd pull up a little and then you got to experience something similar to weightlessness. It didn't feel like I was falling, just floating, without anything to think about but the beautiful scenery. It was fantastic! We landed smoothly and it was only after I got out of my gear and was walking back to my car to get my camera that my brain said "holy shite! You just jumped out of a freakin' plane!" I had permagrin all the way.

Back in the city, pk and I had a celebratory beer and then headed to our friends' house for a summer evening BBQ.

All in all, it was one of the most exciting days I've had in a long time. What a rush.

Until next time,
to freefalling and permagrins,

take care.