Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lil' Sis...

Get better soon Mymy.

June - goodtimes

Yet another month passed by. My bad.
In early June, Pk and I checked out an internet marketing seminar in Los Angeles. It was a three day seminar. Didn't actually get to see the city other than the trip from the airport to the hotel and back.
A week later, Pk and I went on a whirlwind 10 day trip back to Ontario to visit family and friends. Flew into the swealtering humidity on the red eye Saturday morning. Drove to k-town to see my family and friends. It was great to see everyone Saturday night. Monday afternoon pk and I took a drive to Elora for lunch and headed to Collingwood to see Pk's mom. Enjoyed a few relaxing day. Went to the beach. Visited Paul's family and headed to Toronto for more visiting. It was great to finally meet Paul's dad who flew in from Newfoundland for the wknd. While in Toronto I decided to chop off the locks again. Much lighter and easier to deal with.
It was an excellent week. Went by much too fast. Next time we will see you all for longer.
Here are some pics from the trip.