Tuesday, May 16, 2006

brand spankin' new

This wknd, pk and I went walked out our front door, along the water, and followed the Capilano river all the way up to the Cleveland Dam at Capilano Lake. It was a good 3hr or so hike.

On our walk back home, we stopped off for a cold beverage and fuel on the patio. We then continued to head back home and we passed by a local bike shop. I've been thinking of getting a bike for the longest while both for exercise and mode of transport. Since pk was going to be in LA all this week, and I needed a nice easy way to get to work, I thought it was the perfect time to buy a bike.

So this is my brand spankin' new shiny silver bicycle. I don't think I've had a bike since I grew out of my last one back when I was 13 or something. I haven't been on one for almost as long. It's a pretty nice ride, and as they say, it's just like riding a bicycle. It's been great riding to and from work so far... as long as it doesn't rain :P

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ingenium,

Good on yah for chosing the bicycle route. It looks sharp!

Good rain gear would be helpful... so you can ride on rainy days. Perhaps good footwear, too, for colder weather.

cheers, sr

Love live the bike! Its curtains for you, petroleum.