Saturday, April 08, 2006

Where does the time go?

I can hardly believe it's April already and that it's been a whole month since my last posting! Thanks to those who've been keeping an eye on my blog and telling me that they miss finding out what i've been up to. Sorry it's been so long.

So let's see... what have I been up to? I guess the obvious reason I haven't posted is that I haven't really been up to much, mostly due to procrastination and this lackadaisical mood I've been in. When I did get up off me arse, I've enjoyed some great moments:

St. Paddy's Day was spent with pk and I, along with 2 friends, enjoying the evening at a fantastic David Gray concert. We had a great time. The opening band was Aqualung who were also very talented and entertaining. They're definitely on my 'must get albums' list. David Gray's performance was awesome. A full 2hr show covering the songs from his latest album Life in Slow Motion He's got an amazing voice, and he was really into it, dancing around in his typical ragdoll style. I spent the evening tapping my feet and wishing I was a drummer. Good times.

A few weeks ago, I signed myself up for a 7 day Mountaineering Course with Outward Bound. It's a shorter version of the 21 day trip pk took a couple years ago. I'm really excited about it and can't wait until August to head off to Pemberton. I have a lot to prepare for though. First and foremost, getting all 96 pounds of me into shape to actually live through a week of carrying a heavy pack while climbing and hiking in the mountains. I'm putting myself through an exercise regime starting this week.

My good friend Natasha from Toronto was up here for a week for work and I was able to spend the weekend with her before she headed back. It's been 7 months since I moved so it was so wonderful to see her after so long. We had a great weekend full of good food and good chats. We drove up to Squamish and spent the afternoon walking around. We drove around looking at the properties for sale in the area and had a great lunch at our favourite Squamish restaurant. Thanks for the visit Natasha!
So who's coming to visit me next? hmm?

Pk is off in Atlanta for a seminar until Monday so I have the weekend to myself.
Last night, I went out with a couple of co-workers. We met up at Ambleside Park and ate our sushi dinner on the beach and watched the sunset. After dinner, we headed to a yoga studio for a night of improv. There were 12 of us altogther and everyone had to participate in the assorted improv exercises. It's been a long time since I've done anything like that and I found it quite enjoyable. A group of us had a great discussion over cups of tea about what we learned about ourselves through the imporv exercises. My friend brought up that he realized he sits on the fence a lot, passing on opportunites because he's waiting for the right time, the right price, the right whatever, but he found that the improv exercises worked out great when you let yourself go and try not to think about what you're going to say or what other people with think of you. If you just get up and jump into the activity wholeheartedly, things get accomplished, ideas flow, and you enjoy youself so much more. I saw that in myself as well, realizing that when I just jumped into the game and freed myself from all reserve and hesitation, I enjoyed myself so much more. What appeared to be just an evening of games actually taught us something we could apply to our own lives, outside of that yoga studio. That discussion went on until about 11pm and afterwards, my co-workers and I headed to a pub for a couple of drinks and games of pool. A spur of the moment decision to accept an invitation to something I would typically avoid turned into a very enjoyable evening.

Regarding the discussion at the yoga studio lastnight, I found this same idea was the topic of pk's posting today. It's interesting that although pk is on the other side of the continent, we were both thinking along similar lines. Missing you pk.

Today I spent the day crochetting a shawl and began knitting a hat with some wonderful yarn I've been itching to work with.

I found out last week that one of my old high school classmates Shawn Voisin passed away in a fire a couple weeks ago. Although I haven't been in contact with him since high school, I'm still saddened by the thought that he's gone. It's such a strange feeling when I find out that someone I know, someone my age has died. It's a not so gentle reminder to be 'great-full' for the life I have and to not let my life pass me by without enjoying it to the fullest.

I hate to leave you on such a sad note but that's all I can think of saying for today. I will be sure to not let another month pass by without any updates.

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