Sunday, April 30, 2006

Smrt customer service

Last wknd, pk and I went to pick up some things at this store. While at the checkout, we decided to pick up a coupon book. It was advertised with the $20 sign crossed out and a big sticker that said

"$14 GST included".

So the cashier scanned it and it came up to $16. Hrm. That's not $14 GST included. When it was pointed out to the cashier, this was the conversation:

Cashier: "Well, like, GST included like means like it's extra."

PK: "No it doesn't. GST included, means, GST is included in the price"

Cashier: "I can call my manager and he can tell you that's what it means"

PK: "OK"

Cashier calls the manager on the phone "That coupon book, it says like $14 GST included. That means that it's like $14 plus tax on top right?"
Cashier to us: "Yeah, so it's $14 plus tax extra"

PK: "Tell the manager to come here"

Manager comes, he scans the book. "It's $14 plus tax"

PK: "That's not what the sign says"

Manager says that it's maybe the PST and tries to adjust the price on the computer.

Cashier to the manager: "It's my break time, can I like go on my break now?"

Manager apparently fixes price, walks away. No goodbye, no see ya, no nothing.

Cashier rings in coupon book and we leave the store.

Ah yes. Another perfect example of how a large company, cutting back on wages, leaves manager positions to illiterate children and creates the most amazing customer service ever....

BTW, that's amazing in a bad way.

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