Wednesday, February 01, 2006

One year older...

The sun actually came out for my birthday today. It was nice to see some sunlight - there's usually a big snow storm around my birthday... this year was sunlight during the day and rain in the evening.... i guess moving to the west coast helps with the snow storms atleast.

At work, half way through the afternoon, I got a delivery of big balloons with some ferrero rocher attached (mmm mmm mmm) (thank you pk. you're wonderful.) The balloons immediately let it be known to my whole dept. that it was my birthday. so everyone sang happy b-day and i got an awesome shoulder rub from my co-worker.

After work, pk's mom (who's visiting for the week), pk, and I went to celebrate at The Beach House which was a wonderful restaurant out by Dundarave Pier. My meal was excellent.

It was a loverly day. Thanks to all of you who sent me wonderful cards and pressies! So nice to get real mail.

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fella said...

ummm... so no real mail from me... but happy belated birthday until I can think of something else more original to say.