Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ends in Torino, but now it begins here...

Just finished watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. I started my knitting challenge when the torch was lit on Friday the 10th and finished my project on the Sunday the 12th. I was completely surprised that I was able to teach myself to read a pattern and learn to knit Continental Style and finish a baby sweater in just 2.5 days. Click here to see my finished project. I had planned to start another project but unfortunately, it just didn't happen.

However, in the past two weeks I accomplished another goal I had set for myself. I got to take a full day ski lesson at Whistler. It was an excellent day. I was, of course, the best in my group... I've got the whole snowplow thing down! I can't wait to get out on the slopes a few more times this winter. The views from the top of Whistler were gorgeous.

Last week we found 5 pennies in our yard again... and today I found 3! Three pennies in one day! We've found pennies in our yard every week since we moved here back in November. It's quite strange really how pennies just keep appearing in our flowerbeds and grass. Thanks Penny Fairy! Keep those pennies coming.. and feel free to throw in some loonies and toonies too!

I'm still a Money Magnet (thank you, thank you, thank you!)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

I underestimated my genius

So my challenge for the Knitting Olympics was to knit something by following a pattern. I figured that it would be tough to decipher all the jargon found in a knitting pattern. I figured I would add an even bigger challenge of learning how to knit Continental style. I heard it was a faster process. For my project, I chose to knit a baby sweater from Debbie Bliss' baby knits for beginners. I was worried about being able to finish my project within the 16 day timeframe especially trying to knit in a completely foreign way. It felt like I was learning to knit for the first time.

I cast on Friday evening... It took a little while to get my fingers used to holding the needles differently and had some trouble keeping the tension consistent but started to get comfortable within the rhythm of the continental style. I finished the front of the sweater on Saturday morning. The back on Saturday and the both sleeves this morning. It's now Sunday aft and I am finished...

I have to pick something else to knit for the next 14 days. I never realized how much faster Continental knitting was, and I guess I didn't think about the fact that babies are REALLY small! I never thought it would be done so quickly! Now what do I do?!

I underestimated my ability to learn and overestimated the actual size of babies... So tonight I will go through my knitting books and try to find another pattern that's a bit more difficult.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

What should i knit?!

Work felt extra long today. I got dropped off at work at 7:30am by pk and his mom on their way to Life Directions Intensive - a 3 day workshop they're taking. By 3pm my brain was telling me it was time to go home.

I'm also trying to pick what I should knit for the knitting olympics. I have to choose a pattern, something that i can finish in 16 days... and with time to actually learn how to read a pattern in the first place. i'm thinking something baby size would work...

don't really have much else to say... tired but i have to do a little work this evening for tomorrow. tedious work. yay.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

One year older...

The sun actually came out for my birthday today. It was nice to see some sunlight - there's usually a big snow storm around my birthday... this year was sunlight during the day and rain in the evening.... i guess moving to the west coast helps with the snow storms atleast.

At work, half way through the afternoon, I got a delivery of big balloons with some ferrero rocher attached (mmm mmm mmm) (thank you pk. you're wonderful.) The balloons immediately let it be known to my whole dept. that it was my birthday. so everyone sang happy b-day and i got an awesome shoulder rub from my co-worker.

After work, pk's mom (who's visiting for the week), pk, and I went to celebrate at The Beach House which was a wonderful restaurant out by Dundarave Pier. My meal was excellent.

It was a loverly day. Thanks to all of you who sent me wonderful cards and pressies! So nice to get real mail.