Saturday, January 28, 2006

It's official. I've joined the Knitting Olympics!

After weeks of debate between me, myself, and I, I've decided to join the Knitting Olympics.
We have to knit something challenging between the time the Olympic torch is lit to the time it is put out. 16 days. I've decided my challenge will be to knit something by following a pattern. I've been knitting for years now but have never been able to read a pattern. Everything I've made I've just sort of held up to other projects to make sure I've got the right size etc and just made stuff up as I go along. It's fine if I'm making something just off the top of my head though if I have to make two of something, like say the sleeves of a sweater or the second side to a pair of mittens, I have to go from memory and try to replicate it. Sometimes I'll see a nice sweater with some intricate cabling or something and wish I could be able to just follow the pattern and make it. So these 16 days will force me to learn and figure out all this pattern stuff.

Lack of knowledge about patterns hasn't kept me from knitting up a storm this past week though. Last Sunday I woke up with the idea that it'd be great to know how to knit socks. So I grabbed my laptop (from beside the bed) and searched for online videos that would maybe give me a glimpse into how to turn a feckin heel. That's the one thing that's stopped me from making socks... cuz that would mean having to learn how to read a pattern. I finally found some helpful pics and videos on socks and I grabbed some yarn and needles (also readily available beside my bed) and started knitting. I spent the morning in bed knitting my first sock and by the afternoon I had completed my very first sock! YAY!

And it fit!! If I had known that turning a heel would be so feckin easy, I'd have a drawer full by now... and so would pk too :) The sock no longer exists in the physical realm though as I ripped it out shortly after taking the pics of it because i didn't like how I hadn't kept the stitches tight enough along the one side when I picked up the heal so there were a few gaps that showed up when I was actually wearing the sock.
I picked up some blank totebags the other day at Michaels and today I finished knitting a cover for one. I'm going to give it to a co-worker of mine who comes over to my desk without asking and gives the most wonderful shoulder massages. Since I'm not the best masseuse, I thought I'd give her something I am good at...

For those of you officially bored to death with the above knitting blabber, don't pass out yet... I have non-knitting related updates for you too.
The sun came out this afternoon, and not wanting to waste such a rare sight by sitting inside, pk and I decided to jump in the car and see where the road took us. Explore our still new 'hood. We drove down our street as far as it would take us then when that ended, we turned up the next street and followed it to the very end. It took us all the way over to a fantastic park very close to Horseshoe Bay. Whytefield Park I think it was called. Here are a few pics from our drive.

A few weeks ago, pk and I joined a few of our co-workers on a drive up to Squamish to see the eagles. On the drive there, we stopped off at a wonderful waterfall (Shannon Falls me thinks). Once we arrived in Squamish, it was a bit too late to see the eagles as most of them feed in the morning, but I did get to see a few. It was pouring rain so I wasn't able to get any good shots of them though. I'm sure they were all somewhere warm and dry laughing their beaks off as they watched a bunch of crazy humans standing in the rain with binoculars.

Time for bed.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

How did it get to be the 18th already?

I can't believe it's already the 18th.
Last week we got a visit from the Welcome Wagon. A nice lady dropped by to welcome us to the community and sat down with us to give us information about the surrounding area. She came bearing brochures and pamphlets and even gifts.

My good friend Gus from Toronto/k-town was in town for the wknd. He had a job interview out here. It was great to go out exploring the city with a friend and to show him around our new digs. We'll see soon about whether I'll have a new old friend joining me in the west coast livin'.

I made a successful attempt at making Irish soda bread this weekend. It wasn't as good as my mama's of course... but it was still pretty tasty. I didn't have my mama's recipe, so I had to experiment and alter the vegan recipe I was working from.

That's about it for this week's update. Will post again... very soon.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

My 50th post!

Holidays are over and now it's back to work. Just starting to feel better - about 80%. I finally bought some new sneakers yesterday with the gift card I got from work. It's nice to be able to walk around in the rain and not have a soaking wet heel after 2 minutes.

I'm back in crazy knitting mode. I finished my sister's scarf the other day. Here's a pic of it (still in progress).

Now that I'm getting my energy back and feeling a bit better, I wish I had some more days off to do some more knitting. By the time I get home from work, I'm still feeling too tired to do anything but veg...and here are some pics of the hats I made last week...

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Calendar Year Day

So it's 2006 and I get to use my new calendars. Yay!

Thanks to all my family and pk's family for all the wonderful pressies. We had a great Christmas. We visited my aunt and cousin in Langley on Christmas Day for a wonderful dinner. Then on boxing day, pk and I got hit with a yucky virus of some sort. I woke up feeling like I had been kicked in the face. Knocked all the energy out of me and filled my sinuses with fluid. yummy. Had to take off a couple days of work. But we're getting better. slowly.

Last night, we didn't really have the energy to do anything spectacular for NYE. Around 11:30pm we dragged ourselves off the couch and walked to the pier. The pier was full of loud teenagers so we walked a bit further to the beach where we stood in the sand and watched the party boats with their lights and horns blowing and the firewalks going off all in the distance all around us. Nice and simple.

Still not feeling 100% today. We did get to do a bit of baking today. Pk made chocolate chip cookies (total yummers!) and i attempted some soda bread - it turned out alright but didn't taste as good as my mama's.

With all these days off and no energy to do too much, I've been doing a lot of reading and a lot of knitting. On boxing day I made 3 hats for fun and one earflap hat for mymy at work the next day on my knitting loom. I bought it a while back but never used it until now. I finished the Yarn Harlot book mia gave me for Christmas today. It was the perfect gift as just a few weeks before Christmas I came across the Yarn Harlot's blog and told pk that I'd love to get her book. Unbeknownst to me, mia had sent the book and it was sitting under pk's seat in the car waiting to be wrapped :)

I'm still working on a scarf for mia. Pk's mom gave me some wonderful yarn in my favourite colour that has the makings of a nice warm fuzzy blue poncho begging to be cast on to my new needles from the circular needle set pk gave me. I l-o-v-e it! Mind you I still have a sweater and 2 scarves that still need to be finished. But if I get bored working on one project, I'll have some other projects to work on for a bit. It's ok to have a little variety right???

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and all the best wishes for a prosperous and fantastic 2006.