Saturday, December 24, 2005

Now it's 14!

Pk and I just went for a little stroll down the street to the Savary Island Pie Company where they make the best pies ever. We picked up a Strawberry-Rhubarb and a Raspberry-Blueberry pie. It's 14 and raining today. Typical Christmas weather.

It's nice to have a few days off to relax. We went to the mall to do our christmas shopping yesterday. Shopping is exhausting. Malls are exhausting. We've been avoiding the mall all week but had to venture in if either of us wanted to get any presents for eachother. I hate shopping.

Today we're going to have some nibblies for dinner - shrimp ring, cheese and crackers, maybe some wine. Tomorrow we're off to my aunt's place in Langley for the day. Monday we'll have our own christmas dinner - Tofurkey, potatoes, asparagus, etc. MMM!

I made pancakes, breakfast sausages, and shredded hashbrowns for breakfast this morn. I'm starting to get hungry again. I can't wait to start nibbling, watch A Christmas Story, and open ONE present before santa comes.

I'm just rambling.

Merry Christmas Eve!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

It's 11 degrees!

My parka is lonely. It's been hanging in the closet, unworn, with no chance to feel the -25 degrees it is so used to. I went to work in a sweater today. Not three sweaters layered... but just my comfy sweatshirt and a sweater. It's expected to stay around 11 degrees for the wknd too. It's also expected to rain all wknd... which means I need to get new shoes. I've worn out the sole of my left shoe which appears to attract the rain into my heel. We'll have to drive up into the mountains to see some snow. Pk went skiing last Sunday. Check out his blog for some great pics from up high.

In celebration of his first skiing wknd. Here is a watercolour I painted of pk a while back.

Time for bed. gnight.

Monday, December 19, 2005

I am a Money Magnet! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

We've been in our new place for about a month now and there are many things that make this place so much nicer than our old place... no fighting neighbours, interesting neighbourhood, quaint village shoppes, gorgeous seawalk, stellar mountain views... the list goes on. But there is one thing that makes it all the more wonderful and interesting... it rains money in our yard.

Paul and I have been out in the yard, enjoying the mild weather and the stars and what do we find? Pennies. We've found 4 of them so far. That's one for every week we've been here. I think that's a pretty good growth in interest. They're just there, lying in the grass, or in the flowerbeds.. I don't know where they're coming from but I'll take it!

I took a few more pics around our seawalk. I didn't see ol'Westie this time...

Here's a view of the Lion's Gate Bridge and the North Shore.

The Seawalk

Dundarave Pier

Dundarave Pier

Ambleside By The Sea

We found snow!... well more like frost, but close enough!

The seawalk view

Dundarave beach

pk pose

The seawalk

Our waving shadows

Click here to see the seawalk webcam!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Westie, the lochwest monster

Another spotting of the Lochwest monster was reported this weekend. Local West Vancouverite Ingenium was able to catch the sighting on her digital camera while strolling along the Ambleside seawalk. "I was taking photos of the foggy view for my folks back home when all of a sudden this head popped out of the water." Ingenium said. "It appeared to be just relaxing, watching all the people as they walked by.

The photo of the sighting was the second indication that the Lochwest monster has returned to the area. Reports were made of a strange noise coming from the darkness of the water the previous night. "It was this squeeking noise that seemed to follow us along the seawalk as we were making our way back home from the Christmas Tree lights display over by the Dundarave Pier." said Intrepidus, a local novelist.

Authorities say it was simply a seal that had lost it's way but longtime Ambleside resident Ms. Elde Rly knows the truth. "I've seen ol'Westie many a time here. She's a friendly ol'gal. She likes to visit every once and a while and I know she ain't no seal!"

The sighting created some excitement along the seawalk as people who spotted Westie stopped in their tracks and moved in closer to the rocks to get a better glimpse of the old sea monster. A team of sea kayakers followed Westie to research her movements. As of Sunday evening, there have been no known reports of any more sightings of the Lochwest sea monster but according to the locals, they will always keep an eye out, ready to say hello to their old friend Westie.

In other news, the village experienced a heavy fog that quietly blanketed the northshore for most of the day. Ingenium took a few shots of a nearby beach and surrounding area. Here are a few of her photos.

Intrepidus can be seen here in the community park garden down the street from his new home which can be seen just behind the trees.

It may have been foggy but Ingenium was still able to get a nice clear shot of the flowers in her backyard.

Ingenium was in quite a creative mood this weekend and ended up building her own mini Christmas tree using four clothes hangers, some pipecleaners, green garland and some mini nova lights in blue (her favourite colour). She used some miniature snowmen ornaments to decorate her creation.

Stay tuned for more news from the local Ambleside Village residents in the very near future.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Dear Paul,
For the past 30 days I've witnessed all the effort that has gone into finishing your novel. You've worked so hard and the results show it! I'm so proud of you... and so very happy for you too!

Your novel is wonderful, as are you.

You're wonderful!
You're fantabulous!
You're amazing!

(btw, You're hot!)

Click Here to find out how to check out pk's novel.