Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Todo, we ain't in ontario anymore...

Hallowe'en is crazy strange here in vancouver. Throughout the days leading up to halloween, the subject everyone is talking about is not what they're going to get dressed up as, not about how much candy they want, but fireworks. The radio mentions that they hope it'll be good for fireworks everytime the give a weather update. Apparently Hallowe'en means fireworks here.

So all hallows eve arrives. pk and i are enjoying our pizza dinner (Flying Wedge pizza - the best delivery pizza ever!) when all of a sudden "BOOM" "crackle crackle crackle" "BOOMcrackleBOOM". We go outside and the entire sky is lit up with fireworks! It seems like everyone in the neighbourhood has their own fireworks display. There are lights everywhere!

Now these weren't just little things... there are a few in the distance that looked professional - i would say it would even beat the light show on Canada Day in Ottawa. The fireworks go on for a good three hours... the incoming fog, combined with the large amount of smoke created an eerie atmosphere. Pk and I just stood on our deck, staring with our mouths open.

It's the weirdest thing i've experience here so far...
Click here to hear the sights and sounds we recorded halloween night.

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fella said...

Those Vancouverites certainly like to do things up right.