Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Move

Friday night pk and I got the keys to our new apt. We dropped off three loads of our belongings in our car. Luckily we now live on the main floor so there were no stairs to lug heavy boxes up (though we... i mean Pk, had to lug the heavy boxes down the stairs of our old place).

Saturday morning we did another couple loads of the small random things that we didn't actually get around to packing and then we picked up a van, went to Timmy's for some fuel and met up with our friend Carlos who was helping us move.

The move went quite smoothly and the neighbours never came out so I don't think they actually know that we have left yet. I can picture the girl coming up the back stairs to ask us if she can use our phone and then looking through the window and seeing an empty kitchen... hehe...

Anyway... we finished the move in the afternoon and spent the evening relaxing with beer and sushi... mmm mmm mmm!

A big Thank You goes to Carlos for all his help.

Sunday we took a trip to Ikea to get a lamp set and a bookcase which we enabled us to finally unpack the boxes and boxes of books we hadn't touched since we were in Toronto. It was nice to get rid of all of those. Of course the lamps were typically Ikea - the one lamp in the set doesn't work and the lightbulbs suggestions on the box doesn't actually fit! Typical....

So we've been unpacking and getting settled in to our new home.

Pics will be coming soon... once all the boxes are out of the way...

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