Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Lynn Valley Brochure never mentioned it was ghetto!

Well, as I promised... the sun finally came out and I was able to take a few pics on the way to work on Monday. This first one below is what we see at the end of our driveway looking to our left.

I took this pic while pk and I were driving to work. I've heard those two "bumps" referred to as the Lions Heads or something to that effect. There are two lion heads on North Vancouver's Coat of Arms so they probably represent these mountains.

Here is the view from the Peak Potentials office overlooking the parking lot.

In other news, the relationship with our downstairs neighbours has soured. Pk and I were enjoying a quiet Sunday afternoon. Pk was writing his novel, I was knitting my sweater... the couple, as usual, began to shout and scream and slam doors. It was going on for a good while and i was starting to knit faster and faster until my hands were actually shaking from frustration and rage. I dropped a couple stitches and not being my typical self I stood on my bed and screamed at the top of my lungs for them to "be quiet" - (in not so polite terms). Their fighting continued so I figured maybe they hadn't really heard me.

Pk and I were outside in the afternoon and the peops downstairs asked why I yelled. We told them we were just frustrated and tired of their constant screaming and slamming of doors etc and that I was simply trying to make a point of how it might sound to us since we're living in the same house. The dude told us that we may be used to quiet and softness but now (and I quote) "get used to it, this is the ghetto. Vancouver is the ghetto and this is what happens here".

Needless to say, they obviously didn't get the point (though I know that it wasn't the best way to put my point across) but I find it quite funny that they think they're living in the ghetto... what with all the million dollar homes and all. I must have missed the "Welcome to Lynn Valley, You Have Now Entered the Ghetto" sign upon my arrival here. There was no mention of it in the brochures. [insert sarcastic tone here].

Anyway, this has led pk and I to the decision that we will be leaving the ghetto much sooner than previously planned. We've been thinking of it for a while but this incident pushed us quite quickly into the apartment searching direction. We've called a few places and we're going to be checking out an apt tomorrow after work. There's a few nice looking/sounding places that we found on craigslist so we'll be checking out a few more as the week goes on.

Well... that's it for now. I'll keep you posted on the apt hunting.
xoxo N;)

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