Thursday, November 03, 2005

I start Monday!

I'm sitting here at Peak Potentials Training having just finished a job interview for a Client Care Representative position. It went quite well. I start Monday :)

It's pretty similar to what I was doing at the Learning Annex - providing information and registering people for the variety of courses offered. I'm excited... not only about finally making some money (plus commission!) but also about getting out of the house and interacting with humans. For most of the past two months I've been spending my days talking to two cats (and pk - the jury is still out on whether he is indeed a human).

In other news, I'm still working on my sweater and on my very first scarf. Scarves are so easy... though that's probably why I've never done one before... I like to dive in at the deep end when I'm learning something new. It's much more challenging that way ;)



Intrepidus said...

I can offer some amount of confirmation that I am, indeed, NOT human.

Just look at the picture!

Oh yea, read my novel, too:


fella said...

congratulations dear cousin on finding gainful employment.

mayor dad said...

congrats Nuala on your new position with Peak Potentials!!
Although we have yet to meet, I can see that you are a very special person . . . you must be to put up with that "not human" son of mine . . . :-) can't you get him to change that picture??!

All the best!

Ingenium said...

Thanks fella and mayor dad!
I'll try talking to dear intrepidus about his gorgeous pic but I fear I don't have much to defend my case with as I am the one who took the pic in the first place...

Inside Investigator said...

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