Monday, October 17, 2005

soon it will all subside

I finished my hat last week. This wknd I convinced pk to take me to Michael's where I made a 'few' purchases towards my creative endeavours. I again stuck my $50 limit. It's extremely difficult to be surrounded by all those wonderful craft supplies and walk out with only 3 purchases! I have numerous ideas in my head that need to be made. A sweater for me, some matching gloves for my hat - maybe a scarf too. With the funky 'knifty knitter' circular looms i bought, I want to try each of different sizes out - to make hats, sweaters, gloves, blankets... everything! I'm in total knitty mode which I'm sure is hitting the boiling point on the Annoyometre - pk's eyes glaze over now when i start babbling about some stitch that i can't figure out or what colour i should choose for my next project. sorry pk. this knit craze is only temporary and will subside soon...'ish'.

Rant of the day:
Pants for women have an insufficient supply of pockets. Why can I not find a decent pair of pants that I can throw my wallet and my keys into? Most frustrating of all, what's the point of fake pockets?! I hate to pick up a pair of pants that look great, only to discover that there's no 'pouch' under that pocket flap. I know it's supposed to be so that there no wallet bulge to disrupt the shape of a woman's arse... but why can't I have the choice to avoid 'fashion' and just be comfortable?


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