Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Tour...

pk's work didn't have any extra work for me this week so I haven't had access to the internet all week. High speed internet isn't available in our neighbourhood so we haven't signed up for any internet for home yet. I've spent the past few days unpacking, reading, and today I even experimented with cooking. Yes, you read that right... cooking! Last weekend we tried out the slow cooker and made a very tasty soup/gumbo. I used some of the leftovers of the soup and mixed it with some couscous and our leftover salmon from the other night. Then I baked it for a few minutes in the oven. It turned out quite well for someone who had no idea what she was doing.

Now that we've unpacked most of our things, our apt is finally starting to looked lived in. Here are a few pics of our place.

I'll give you the 10cent tour starting at the front door,

leading up the stairs to our livingroom...

and the first bedroom which is still full of our boxes of unpacked books at the moment but will soon (hopefully) become my little art studio (weehee!).

The second bedroom is our office,

then we have our bedroom with what we call our 'grown-up' bed from Ikea.

and our kitchen. I fixed up what was left of our kitchen table which is slightly smaller than when it left toronto thanks to our movers but atleast it still works for two people.

Here's our deck where we sit out in the evening and watch the stars. We can see so many stars now - and we've been fortunate enough to have had very clear nights for most of our time here so far.

So that's our place.
The end.

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