Tuesday, September 13, 2005

i need a salmon recipe

Last night our belongings arrived - Finally! Everything arrived in pretty much the same shape we left them except for our kitchen table which arrived in four easy to travel pieces for our INconvenience. I was looking forward to having a real table to eat dinner on... i'll have a wait just a bit longer for that but i'm used to that. This morning it was nice to have a choice of clothing to wear since I have been wearing basically the same 2 outfits for the past two weeks. We spent the evening unpacking our boxes and organising our new space. It finally felt like home to sit on our futon couch and eat pizza on our coffee table.

I've been working at pk's work all last week and this week doing simple formatting of french documents to visually match their english docs. I'm looking forward to getting a real design job though. I miss it.

Our 'hood is amazingly close to a fantastic park and and even larger provincial park that pk and i have been exploring the past two wknds. On Saturday we went for an easy hike around Rice Lake and then on Sunday we took a bit steeper 2 hr stroll through the trails. The forest in parts looked very magical... there were even some parts where I felt like Buttercup walking with Westley just waiting for an R.O.U.S to jump out from behind a bush. (that one's for you brooke) You can check out my flickr link to see some more pics of our treks around the park.

Our neighbours who live below us are an interesting bunch. A young couple with a 3yr old. They're the type you might see hanging out by K-town city hall if you know what i mean. pk and i have hung out with them in the backyard a few times these past couple of weeks. They gave us a couple steaks of salmon the other day and a few herbs and vegetables this wknd which was great. If anyone knows any great salmon recipes please email me or post them in the comments section. mmm salmon.

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Mayor dad said...

Hello! I wish we'd had an opportunity to meet before you and P.J. went west . . . but I guess that too is life and hopefully "that day" will be sooner, rather than later. I suspect that you know this already, but Paul is a person who is very passionate on life. He can leap without looking but the universe has been teaching him to slow down and reason a little bit. (ask him if having two broken feet didn't slow him down!) I hope you are ready for the ride!
About the salmon . . . one of my favourite foods . . . I tend to like the natural flavour of salmon, so I don't do much with it. BBQ'd is great. Brush a little olive oil on and salt & pepper to taste and on the BBQ or grill for about six minutes a side. Works equally well for salmon steaks or filets.

All the best on this adventure we call life.