Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hey Good Cookin'

This past sunday pk and i tried out the slowcooker again and made some chili. We took off for the afternoon to Kitsilano beach. Tonnes of people playing beach volleyball or just sunbathing. They didn't seem to notice there was quite a chilly breeze that even the fleecie i had on couldn't prevent me from shivering. After the beach, we headed back to the north shore for our hot chili.

Yesterday i made some spaghetti sauce in the slowcooker which was ready by the time pk got home from work. It's so odd not going to work everyday. I'm using this time to educate myself a bit better with my design programs and a little html. Yesterday I spent the afternoon playing around with my design programs. I created a few logos, letterhead, and business cards for fun. Today I've been reading through an instructional book for Macromedia Flash. I hope to be able to become much more proficient in Flash which will help me beef up my resume and my knowledge. I hope to start doing a little contract work on the side to make some extra money as well as expand my experience and portfolio.

I want to start working fulltime again. I miss working on new projects, meeting new people, just getting out of the house. i also miss that paycheque thing that usually comes with working. Well, I can't write here much longer. I can't wait to get some kind of internet connection either at home or at work. There are so many things I want to research though I've forgotten them all now that I've got a chance to search for them.


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