Friday, September 30, 2005

Finally in contact with the outside world!

For the past two weeks i've been at home with no job and worst of all, NO internet! I've posted a few backdated posts that I've written during my hermit-like existence.

Today I came to Paul's work solely for the use of their internet (and a little interaction with the outside world). Paul's work has asked me to redesign their media kit so that was decided today and I've now got a project to work on! WEEHEE!
I'm so glad to get a chance to redesign this kit for them. Get the ol' creative juices flowing again.

pk has been teaching me to drive stick. It's been an interesting experience to say the least. Figuring out what all four limbs should be doing all at the same time is quite difficult when I haven't even had that much experience driving around at all. We've been going around in circles in the local supermarket parking lot.. i can't imagine driving around up and down all these hills but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it soon. pk does a great job of explaining everything in a way that's pretty easy to understand.

So glad to get some work. I've spent the past two weeks reading, fiddling around on the internetless computer, and unpacking etc. I've been reading Pride & Prejudice (for the hundreth time - gotta love it). I can't imagine being a woman back in those times when you weren't allowed to work. All they seem to do is read, needlepoint, and gossip(and search for a rich husband) Not that there's anything wrong with that but I can't imagine doing that day in - day out. They aren't even allowed to be witty and sarcastic (some of my favourite traits). Just two weeks off of work and I was starting to get antsy! The time off did give me the opportunity to come up with a few more knitting ideas which I hope to start soon. I haven't been able to find the hat and mittens I knitted last winter (they must be in a random box somewhere) so I'm planning a making myself a new set. I've also got an idea for a new sweater which I can't wait to get started on... maybe even a few little knitted toys for pk's kitties. When the weather starts to get chilly, the urge to grab some yarn and some some sticks gets stronger. I wonder if there's a Stich n'Bitch around here... hmm... I must look that up.


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