Saturday, August 13, 2005

Home Sweet Home - To Be

Our new place...
"3 bedroom suite with garage and a fenced yard. The suite is bright and spacious. There is a gas fireplace and two full bathrooms, livingroom, dining room and an eating area off the kitchen. It is very close to bus route, Lynn Valley Canyon, and Lynn Valley Mall"

Thanks to the ever wonderful craigslist and a brilliant pk, we now have a place to call home. We decided to live on the North Shore where we can get away from it all and enjoy being part of the mountains. So many more opportunites for hiking, biking, walking, skiing - the list goes on. With so much room in this place I can hopefully set up a little art studio and start creating again and there's room for pk to have a nice quiet space to write his novels. There's also enough space to actually entertain some friends! (funny how it's only when i'm moving away from all my friends that i finally move in to a place that can accomodate more than one visitor at a time) It also apparently has a dishwasher, though i'm not sure if i'm excited about that. I truly enjoy washing my dishes by hand. A dishwasher? Where, i ask, is the fun in that?

While all those things are wonderful, at this particular moment, what I'm most excited about is..... drum roll please.... da duhduh da! free laundry! Yes, that's right. No more searching the apt for quarters, or lugging a backpack full of steamy, just-out-of-the-dryer clothes down the street on a hot day, or for that matter, bundled up in a winter coat trekking through snow to sit and wait in the squalid laundromat reading an old chatelaine or reader's digest. Yes, I'm very happy about having a washer/dryer that is actually in the same building as I am. Though it may be similar to dishwasher, i just don't think it'd be quite as fun to wash all my clothes by hand...

ok... i'm starting to ramble. I'm exhausted. I've been working 10-12 hour days, including this wknd) sitting infront of a computer trying to finish the Learning Annex magazine on time. Deadline is this Wednesday. After that I can resume breathing and sleeping. I can't wait.

I can't wait to move in to the new place!
Goodnight all.


fella said...

Do you think you'll want a visitor in September? I'm finished my residency on the 2nd and I am scheduled to fly out on the 4th from Vancouver. I could use another model or two to shoot for my portfolio.

Ingenium said...

considering we're moving in on the first.. we'd make great models for a "Tired,Haggered&SurroundedByBoxes" theme. Our cats would make great models for any "PissedOff" theme you may be thinking of.