Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Am I invisible?

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have invisible powers. To have a switch to turn my powers on and off as I please. Or maybe a cloak to sneak around undetected, like Harry Potter searching for clues to some mystery. But then I think maybe I already am invisible.

Why is it that when i walk down the street, i have to take great pains to move out of the way or else other people will walk straight into me? People seem to be in a continuous state of apathy and blindness. Besides the cell phone they're attempting to text or check messages on, they're blind to all that is around them. On the wknd, this woman just stepped into the street, directly into the path of our truck. We had to brake and she maintained her saunter across the street completely unaware that she was just inches away from being wrapped around the wheel of a truck. Last week, i passed a van parked on the street infront of my building. Just as I came up beside the passenger window, out came a hand that tossed a handful of garbage to the ground - right in front of me! If I had been just one step ahead, would she have thrown her garbage directly on me?

I can't find the switch to turn off my invisible powers! I'm stuck in harry potter's invisible cloak! I've tried to get people to see me. When pk and I are passing another couple on the street, i move slightly over, behind pk, enough for them to notice that i'm polite, yet when i see there isn't even a slight adjustment on their part, i don't move further behind, i let my shoulder slam into their arm. They either don't seem to notice, or just give me a glazed over dirty look in my direction. Sometimes, after a few scratches on my shoulders from crashing into backpack zippers and the like, I start to stick out my elbow from under my cloak when I pass these ignorami. It appears to be the only way to make them see me.

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a.s.loro said...

I totally know the feeling. Some people are so disrespectful. I'm always the one who has to move out of the way. Many times I have almost been run over by people pushing big trollies. I thought they were supposed to be more careful? Maybe I'll try the elbow thing next time.