Tuesday, July 26, 2005

the secret's out! No more mullet!

My coworker pk and I have been dating since September. That's right. Dating. And now that the secret's out, my mullet relationship is over. Our relationship has changed - no longer business in the front, party in the back.

While I must shed a single tear for the loss of such a fine mullet, I also rejoice in the fact that we no longer have to hide our relationship. No more thoughts of getting caught as we walk to the corner store, or to the movies together. Since pk got his fantastic job offer in Vancouver, and made the decision to move there together, the question as to how to break the news to the office was foremost in our thoughts. Pk had already given notice of his resignation the week before which was a big blow to the office so we wondered how they would take this second surprise.

Yesterday morning, we walked into the office, up to Boss' desk and asked him if he had a second to spare. We sat down and told him we had some good news and some bad news. the good news... that we had a great relationship going... then the bad news, I'd be leaving the office too. Boss took it pretty well, saying he had an inkling that something was going on between us. Because the opportunity to move to Vancouver came up so quickly for us, I offered to keep doing my design work for the company, but remotely, from Vancouver. So now I just have to wait for Boss and co. to decide what they want to do with my position. Since we were on a role, we decided to break the news to the rest of the office the same day. pk did a great intro, calling everyone together, looking very serious and telling them that they had to deal with a second surprise... he was so good at looking so serious, that he even had me convinced, wondering what bad news he was going to break this time! When he told everyone I was moving to Vancouver - with him, the faces of our coworkers were quite amusing. Most with their mouths slightly open, processing the news before they could speak. There was complete silence for a while. The people we thought would totally have some idea about us appeared to be the most shocked.

So now the secret is out and it feels great! I used the words "my boyfriend" the other day when refering to pk and it seemed so strange! We've been hiding our relationship so long, it felt so odd to say it outloud. I finally feel free to let my hair down and let the party take over!