Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Letting go

It was 35 degrees in my apartment last night. This heat is making it extremely difficult to pack. I have 10 days to go through all my belongings and decide what I can take with me and what will have to find new home. I find it amazing how clutter so quickly invades my space. It's everywhere. I'm finding old receipts, old cards, and little trinkets that found a place to sit undetected in every nook, every crevice of my bookcase, every flat surface that isn't already a home to something else. Last night I sat on the floor and sorted through some of my belongings. Trying to determine the fate of each item while pondering the reason behind each decision. The toughest decisions are for those items that I don't really have a use for but are of sentimental value. There's the danger of slipping back down memory lane and never letting anything go. I have to learn to let go.


Johnny said...

If I went through and sorted everything in my apartment, I would probably have 2 garbage bags full of receipts. I'm such a goddamn packrat. But you should enjoy this time -- the big purge! It's freeing.

Ingenium said...

You're so right! Who can i blame for this packrat gene? Now that i've gone through most of my boxes it feels great to get rid of all my 'stuff'!