Sunday, July 31, 2005

It's official

Only days after being able to freely refer to pk as "my boyfriend', I can now officially say that I am co-habitating with my boyfriend. Wednesday night, pk and I moved the last of my belongings to his place. My entire apt is now stuffed into boxes and stacked up in his bachelor. Lugging all those boxes down and back up two flights of stairs made me start thinking of just throwing everything I own out - there seemed to be sooo much stuff. But today, I organised and repacked some things and stacked them up nicely, and now it doesn't feel so overwhelming. We thought about whether to get rid of all of our stuff and just buy new stuff when we get to bc, but it'll be cheaper for us to keep and ship our essentials (bed, coffee table, bookcases, papasan, and of course, our books)

In the coming weeks, I want to go through a few of my boxes and purge a few more things. Still struggling with this idea of letting go of my belongings.

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